A Bird’s Eye View

A Bird’s Eye View

Characters/Props: 3 Birds, Jesus, Zacchaeus, 2 Listeners, 1 Tree

Birds stay on the left side of the stage, describing various scenes.  Other characters silently act out the description on the right side of the stage


Red Bird:                    You know, humans are very strange.

Blue Bird:                    What makes you say that?

Red Bird:                    Well, the other day, I was over in the big sycamore tree…

Green Bird:                The one that’s right downtown?

Red Bird:                    Yeah, that’s the one.  And this really short guy starts climbing up toward me.


Blue Bird:                    What’s so strange about that?  Kids are up in that tree all the time.

Red Bird:                    Well, this guy was rich.  Really rich.  He was wearing shiny new clothes.  And he was old.  How often do you see rich old people climbing in trees?

Blue Bird:                    Ok, that is weird.


Red Bird:                    He was getting a little to close for comfort, so I flew across the street, but I stayed there so I could see what he was doing.  It turns out he was pretty smart.  I saw a man walking down the street toward us, teaching the crowd of people that was following him.  The guy in the tree had a great view, so he could hear what the teacher was saying.

Green Bird:                That’s what we call a bird’s eye view.

Red Bird:                    Yep.  When the teacher was finished teaching, he looked up in the tree and called the man down.  The teacher wanted to stay at the rich man’s house!  The crowd didn’t like this one bit.  Apparently, they didn’t like the rich man very much.  I remember hearing one person say “Why would Jesus want to dine with Zacchaeus?”


Blue Bird:                    Did you say Jesus?

Red Bird:                    That’s what I heard.




Blue Bird:                    Really?  Because I was just over in the field a few days ago.  This Jesus guy that you mentioned was there with a whole crowd of people.  He was helping the sick and teaching.  I even saw him heal that crippled beggar that sits in the town square.

Red Bird:                    Do you mean the crippled guy that always tosses us crumbs?

Blue Bird:                    That’s him.

Red Bird:                    Well, that explains why he hasn’t been there for a few days.

Blue Bird:                    Yep.  Now get this – as Jesus was teaching, he looked up at me.  At me!  He said “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.”  He was teaching the people not to worry so much.

Red Bird:                    People do worry a lot, don’t they?

Blue Bird:                    They sure do.


Green Bird:                I just don’t understand…

Red Bird:                    What don’t you understand?

Green Bird:                What could he have done wrong?

Blue Bird:                    What are you talking about?



Green Bird:                Just yesterday, I was flying over at Golgatha, and I heard a lot of shouting.  There were three convicted men, hanging on crosses.

Red Bird:                    That’s fairly common.

Green Bird:                Yeah, but I heard them calling out the name Jesus.  The man on the center cross was Jesus – the same man that you both saw teaching and healing people.

Blue Bird:                    But what could he have done wrong?

Red Bird:                    He was only helping people.

Green Bird:                Its like you said, humans are very strange.






Optional Narrator:    It would seem strange to someone who didn’t understand Jesus’ mission.  Jesus did great things while He was on earth – He healed the sick, even raised the dead, and taught people a better way to live.  But the real reason He came was to die for our sins.  Even though He never did anything wrong, Jesus paid the ultimate price by giving His life so that we wouldn’t have to.  Romans 10:9 says that if we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart that Jesus rose from the dead, then we will be saved.






Birds enter, chirping, and get settled down


Tree goes up



Zacchaeus starts climbing up tree






Jesus enters











Zacchaeus climbs down, all human puppets exit


Jesus is preaching



Enter the listeners








Jesus looks up at the tree…




Green bird starts shaking head, looking confused….




Jesus is on a cross, head down














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